VoIP Communications Revolution


Business virtual phone numbers are commercial class versions of residential VoIP services. It provides small, and medium-sized businesses with advanced features and functionality such as private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities, conference calling, desk to desk calling, music on hold, and automated attendants.

Business VoIP services have broadened the network to reach unlimited customers. One can use VoIP providers approach to access one VoIP number and place VoIP calls from your cell phone or desktop using one's business phone numbers. Incomparable, customers will see one’s business phone number on their caller ID. One can also accept incoming calls from customers even if your device has a different, private phone number attached to it.

From 2020, when the Corona phase started ‘work from home’ became more prominent than ever before, business VIP services have become more significant than ever. It helps employees to easily place and receive business calls at home using their business phone numbers.

Some of the best business VoIP phone service providers are:-

• RingCentral

• Vonage

• Nextiva

• Oma Inc

• 8×8

• Grasshopper

• Mitel

• Intermedia

The Dominance of Business VoIP Services:-

  1. Cost-Effective:- Cost-effectiveness is one of the goals of VoIP that almost any business can appreciate. You can only install so many phone lines and costs quickly add up, particularly, if your business regularly makes long distance call. Traditionally, phone lines naturally charge for each minute of call time, whereas VoIP phone service only costs monthly charges from your ISP. Many providers offer inexpensive or even free calling.


  1. Economical Hardware and Software: - Quality providers ensure their customers always have the most up-to-date software and providing the latest hardware eliminates the need for business to purchase their new phones and infrastructure, which can result in additional cost savings.


  1. Streamlined Conferencing:-Traditional phone system allows you for conferencing, but you will end up paying for an additional service and hosting multiple callers each time you need to conference. With a merged data network, these features are naturally native and the procedure is built into the already lower price of the VoIP office phone service that you are already paying for.



  1. More Than Just Voice Calls: - An additional privilege of VoIP office phone service is that it makes video conferencing very simpler and effective tremendously. You can transfer various media formats like images, video, and text during your phone or video calls to enhance presentations or solve issues on the cloud network.


  1. Worldwide Access:-It allows employees to have worldwide access over the Internet. They allow their employees to telecommute so effectively and impressively. It remotely utilizes the voice, fax and data services of your office via your Internet irrespective of the fact that their offices are in their local areas or abroad.



A piece of fax information is transmitted via data packets that dramatically enhances efficiency. VoIP doesn’t even require a fax machine to send or receive fax.

To conclude, VoIP Phone Service has numerous benefits and is almost free of complications. All sophisticated businesses around the world are exploring it to the amplest.